CS101 Submission

Group Table

Lab Groups When Where
A1 Wed 08:00–09:50 D-331
A2 Wed 10:00–11:50 D-331
A3 Wed 08:00–09:50 D-211
B1 Wed 13:00–14:50 D-331
B2 Wed 15:00–16:50 D-331
B3 Wed 13:00–14:50 D-211
  1. Website(Required): You needn't rename your file, just only fill in your format information. The system will check your information, and help you rename your file. The latest file will replace old one.
  2. Lab Email(Optional): Please use the following format title: Group[A2]_Lab[01]_[your_student_ID], and format file name: Group[A2]_Lab[01]_[your_student_ID].ipynb. Then send it to cs101homework@intl.zju.edu.cn.
  3. Hand in the handout(if there is) to the TA at the end of this lab session. Remember to write down your info.
  4. During Wensday 8:00--18:00(LAB TIME), you can’t upload your homework except lab’s materials. Or else it will be placed into wrong path.
  5. HW should upload *.py file or *.zip file, lab should upload *.ipynb or *.zip file.
  6. Problems about website, you can contact zlchn@zju.edu.cn
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